getLocation() problem in a dataprocessor

Dear all,

I wrote a functional to manage forces on a specific boundary using following syntax:
class BoundaryForceFunctional2D : public BoxProcessingFunctional2D_L<T,DESCRIPTOR>…
I change then the process function declare as follow:
void BoundaryForceFunctional2D<T,DESCRIPTOR>::process(Box2D domain, BlockLattice2D<T,DESCRIPTOR>& lattice)…
As explained in the documentation of Palabos, I have to change from relative to global coordinates, and so have to manage a variable declare like this:
Dot2D absoluteOffset = lattice.getLocation();
The problem is that whatever the way I launch the program (mpirun -np 4 theprogram, for example), absoluteOffset is allways egal to [-1, -1].
I can figure out why as it should normaly be different for each processor (core).
Thanks for reading