•Geophysics: compute the permeability of a 3D Porous Medium


I’m a new user of Palabos and my programming skills are very basics, I was trying to run the tutorial permeability, when compiling the code using Code Blocks in windows I have no errors or warnings but when the .exe windows appears I have this:

Error missing some input parameter
The structure is :

  1. Input file name.
  2. Output directory name.
  3. number of cells in X direction.
  4. number of cells in Y direction.
  5. number of cells in Z direction.
  6. Delta P .
    Example: C:\Users\t02lh15\Desktop\palabos-v1.5r1\palabos-v1.5r1\codeblocks\bin\Debug\Palabos.exe twoSpheres.dat tmp/ 48 64 64 0.00005

Process returned 1 (0x1) execution time : 0.047 s
Press any key to continue.

and it doesn’t let me input any parameters.

Hi Ihdez

Reach the directory where the permeability.cpp files are located and then type ‘make’ to compile.
Once you have compiled, create an output directory where you want to store the images of your simulation and the vti file. You can do this by typing :

“mkdir OutputImages”

Now all you need to do is run the code. In the command line, type:

“./permeability twoSpheres.dat OutputImages/ 48 64 64 0.0005”

You should get a result. You don’t really need to input the whole path.

Hope this helps. (:


I am trying to run the dambreak3d example in Linux and getting similar error message:

Error missing some input parameter
Palabos IO error: Can’t read command-line argument 1: there are no command-line arguments
The parameters for this program are :

  1. Output directory name.
  2. kinematic viscosity in physical Units (m^2/s) .
  3. Bond number (Bo = rho * g * L^2 / gamma).
  4. Contact angle (in degrees).
  5. number of lattice nodes for lz .
  6. delta_t .
  7. maxIter .
    Reasonable parameters on a desktop computer are: ./damBreak3d tmp 1.e-5 100 80.0 40 1.e-3 80000
    Reasonable parameters on a parallel machine are: ./damBreak3d tmp 1.e-6 100 80.0 100 1.e-4 80000

How can I input the values in Linux platform? I would highly appreciate any help.