Geometry change

Hello all!

I am using the externalFlowAroundObstacle example as basis to a new simulation, in which I wish to simulate flow around a geometry. I am using another .stl file and changing it in the .xml and it runs nicely.

Howerver, when I change de positioning of the geometry or the dx in the .xml file the simulation fails to run. and gives the following error:

/home/usuario/Documentos/Palabos/Palabos/src/offLattice/guoOffLatticeModel3D.hh:125: void plb::GuoOffLatticeModel3D<T, Descriptor>::prepareCell(const plb::Dot3D&, plb::AtomicContainerBlock3D&) [with T = double; Descriptor = plb::descriptors::D3Q19Descriptor]: Assertion `ok’ failed.

Any tips?

Dear vib.user,
Do you know how to abopt ISLBM in our code.?