Geometry algortithm

Hey, thought I might as well throw this question out there, seeing as I’ve decided to study LBM and its implementation through Palabos deeper. I’m running through simulations of several slight variations of the same 2D model and it got real tedious real quick to construct the geometry, so I’ve been cobbling together a separate geometry building module. In it I pack various classes and functions to which I can just specify where I want a solid and the extent of it, and if I want a repeated series of obstacles there are number of for-loops to construct those. What I was kinda curious about, is there perhaps someone else who might benefit from a module like this? I’m completely new to LBM and Palabos, but I’ve done a fair amount of coding in my day, and thought that maybe it could be a fun side project to set up a generally applicable module that others also can use to generate fairly complex geometries.

For simple cases (spheres etc) the programmatic approach is perfectly adequate. However when the geometry gets sufficiently complicated you may want to take another approach, how would you use your package to simulate flow over a car for example?

I believe Palabos can import STL geometries, which means you can use any CAD package to generate your geometry.

If you still want to take the route of programming your geometry, but don’t want to reinvent the wheel, have a look at OpenSCAD. This is a CAD scripting language.