Generating 3D plot using Fortran or C++

I tried to generate 3D data using FORTRAN as well as C++ to be plotted by PARAVIEW or TCplot, can any body help me how the format of this data should?
I put it like this , but It doesn’t work
do i=0,n
do j=0,m
do k=0,w
write(2,*) i/float(n),j/float(m),k/float(w),u(i,j,k),v(i,j,k),w(i,j,k)
end do
end do
end do

Any help is very welcome.

Hi Noran,

if you want to use ParaView, you will need *.vtk data files. Google “vtk file standard” to find information on how to create a VTK file.