Generate a dat file for Omega

dear all;
I am working on non-Newtonian fluid flow in porous media and I wanted to investigate shear and omega to validate my results. So, I decided to add few lines of code to carreaDynamics.hh .
first of all I add:

pcout << "shear is: " << piNeqNormSqr << std::endl;
pcout << "omega is: " << omega << std::endl;

just before return omega in carreauDynamic.hh. ( and tones of numbers were written on the terminal for omega and shear (I think it was a single number for every iteration and lattice) . so I decided to generate a dat file through adding following lines instead of previously described code:

plb_ofstream fout("tmp/shearrate1.dat", std::ios_base::app);
fout << piNeqNormSqr;
fout.close();"tmp/omega1.dat", std::ios_base::app);
fout << omega;

Unfortunately, the generated dat file contains only 1 number for shear and omega. I am very confused about this and I do not know what should I have done wrong and where is he problem! could anyone please help me?

Many thanks;

Dear Elahe

I also want to output omega in aneurysm model. And don’t know how to do now.
Have you solved this question. Can you give some guidance?

Thanks awfully.