Gallery Multi-phase / free-surface flow Bubble Burst- Windows

Dear All,

Anyone know " How to create Bubble Burst " showed in Gallary with Windows and codeblock ?

Thanking you

Dear Friend
I simulated crown splashing by the Pseudopotential model. That case is sth like the bubble burst problem in some aspects. If you are familiar with the simulation of droplet splashing it seems that the bubble burst will be a similar simulation. Certainly, you have to use a multiphase model for simulation of such flows. You can start with 2D simulation of bubble burst because I think this 3D case is not an easy one.

Dear m.khatoonabadi ,

 Thank you for the kind replay with suggestions. Now I have been learning something about multiphase model. But the showcase examples (dam break and droplet) contains multidefinition errors.  If you don't mind, please share with us your code.