Full Domain Creation from STL


I am trying to run the Palabos code for fullDomainfromSTL but I get a compilation error. If I trace this compilation error then I see that in the file /src/libraryInterfaces/CVMLCPP_fullMultiBlock3D.hh file, In the line 215, if I change to then the compilation error vanishes but it produces a run time error which is quite obvious:

/Network/Servers/grsacx01.grs.rwth-aachen.de/Volumes/home/grsjain/Palabos/palaboscode/src/core/serializer.cpp:32: void plb::serializerToUnSerializer(const plb::DataSerializer*, plb::DataUnSerializer*): Assertion `serializer->getSize() == unSerializer->getSize()’ failed.

This happens because having changed to causes this assertion to fail. Somehow, I am not able to put my finger on the error and stuck on how to run this code. It will be really nice if anyone can share his experiences here if anyone has tried running that code.

Many Thanks,