force evaluation with different bounce backs

Dear community,

I am trying to develop a code where the drag force and filt forces are calculated by a flow passing a square obstacle in a channel.

I would like to know if I am doing it right by checking some trivial concepts

Should I do the force evaluation right between the collision and the streaming step in that order?

  • boundary treatment (and bounceback if full way bounce back is implemented
  • collision
  • force evaluation
  • streaming(and bounce back treatment in halfway bounceback)

So, the force evaluation is really independent of the type of bounce back is implemented?

I would appreciate your response, folks!


You can find the answer in:

Dazhi Yu, Renwei Mei, Li-Shi Luo and Wei Shyy, (2003), “Viscous flow computations with the method of lattice Boltzmann equation”, Progress in Aerospace Science, 39, 329-367