Flow over Square Cylinder Validation with BGK or RLBM?

Hi guys, I am studying on the flow over square cylinder at low Reynolds number.( 20-160). About this subject, there is a good paper, which is written by Breuer et al. (Accurate computations of the laminar flow past a square cylinder based on two different methods: Lattice Boltzman and Finite Element).
Im trying to validate my code with this paper. The code uses BGK collision model. But i can not catch the close enough value of drag coefficient with the Breuers’ study. Now, im modelling the Regularized LBM. I will also try with RLBM.
I wonder is there any people who did validation on flow over square cylinder with BGK or RLBM. And the second question is that can you share your RLBM codes if exist?
Thanks all of you, im looking forward to your replies:)