error in saving gif image


I have been trying the complie an example cavity2d example using codeblocks. It gives an error in saving gif images saying /tmp not found, The “tmp” folder is alreadt present and other ppm image file and vtk are being saved in sam folder.

Can you suggest and alternative to create gif file.
Also, is there open source software which can converted all ppm image file as single video. I am using windows 7.



Hi, if I remember well, you need imagemagick’s convert to be installed in your system to write image as gif.

I have installed image-magic but it still says “error in saving gif image” !

Is there something missing in code::blocks settings?

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I also installed image-magic… still error didnt got solve…

Can you confirm that “convert” command (from imagemagick) is working and is on the path?

I am facing the same issue. After installing ImageMagic, I found out that its command “convert” is in conflict with the system comnnad of the same name - that is called from the palabos binary . To repair this, I have been trying chaneg the source file /src/io/imageWriter.hh, especilally the lines inside imageMagickPpmToGi method:

void ImageWriter::imageMagickPpmToGif(std::string const& fName) const {
if (global::mpi().isMainProcessor()) {
std::string convCommand =
std::string("another_convert ") +
global::directories().getImageOutDir() + fName + ".ppm " +
global::directories().getImageOutDir() + fName + ".gif ";

but… I have built the whole code again uder the Code:Block but in binary files there are still "convert " … It is a mystery for me… Any idea?

You might have tried this already, but just in case, did you set usePOSIX to be true in Makefile? I had the same issue in tutorial 1 (only ppm files, but no gift saved), and by setting the above parameter, I got gif output files. I am using Cygwin on Windows 7.