Drag coefficient calculation

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I am a newbie in LB method and I want to calculate drag coefficient of an obstacle using it.
I read some papers and all posts in the forum, But i can not understand algorithm of calculation.

Can anyone help me to find algorithm (or psedu-code) of drag coefficient calculation using momentum exchange method?

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hi smm
prof. mei et al describe clearly in their paper, named:

Renwei Mei, Dazhi Yu, Wei Shyy and Li-Shi Luo, Force evaluation in the lattice Boltzmann method involving curved geometry, Phys. Rev. E 65 (2002), pp. 1/041203–14/041203.

or you can find another in this:

Numerical simulation of heat transfer and fluid flow past anext term rotating isothermal cylinder – previous termA LBM approachnext term
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its very clear describe!!

Thank you very much ehsan!

Many of papers in LB don’t explain their methods very well, but this 2 paper are very good.

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