Discrete element coupling


I’m interested in coupling a discrete element model with LB as outlined in the following paper. My application is to a sediment transport model with high Reynolds number. Can anyone gauge the level of difficulty for this type of application with Palabos? Or does it make more sense to uses Ladd’s Susp3D code? I’ve still not seen Susp3D but Palabos seems more robust. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Y. T. Feng, K. Han, D. R. J. Owen; Coupled lattice Boltzmann method and discrete element modelling of particle transport in turbulent fluid flows: Computational issues; Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng. 2007 (72); 1111-1134



Hi Tim,

My research program is coupling DEM and multicomponent SC LB for modeling some petroleum problems. However, I developed two separate codes in FORTRAN and did not use any open source code. Anyway I am ready to be in touch with you about this subject.


Dear Ghassemi
in your multicomponent case is there temperature change and/or reaction.
what papers are good for sc model introducing.

Dear Mehdi,

My problem is isothermal and change in temperature is not of my concern. For SC model you can refer to original Shan and Chen papers. Also Sukop’s book seems to me favorable code developing.


Dear Ali
thanks for your help
I Search Shan and Chen papers.