difference between computeDensity and computeRho at palabos

Hello community,
I have a confusion about what is the difference between computedensity and computerho at palabos ?.

My confusion is because in several books about Lattice Boltzmann as “Lattice Boltzmann Modeling: An Introduction for Geoscientists and Engineers”, rho is the symbol for density, but at palabos are differents.

I dont understand, can someone help me with this aspect.

Thanks for your time.

Dear mfduqued,

in Palabos, the function computeDensity calculates the density (=rho), i.e. the sum of all distributions at a location x. There is no function that is called “computeRho”.

The only other function there is that might lead to confusion is “computeRhoBar” which is used to calculate the density from shifted distributions. There is a short description about that in the howto section.



Dear kk,

Thank you for the values. I will try them out and reply with the results.