Cylinder2d Example Modified for Airfoil

I’m attempting to modify the cylinder2d example in v1.4r1 into an airfoil simulation. The problem is, I’m new to LBM and I’m not sure how to change the boundary conditions to behave as farfield. I’m used to traditional CFD methods and am having a difficult time getting up and running with Palabos. I’d ultimately like to run a 2D simulation of a NACA 4-digit airfoil to compare to my current solver that uses turbulent N-S. Also, does Palabos have RANS turbulence models like Spalart-Allmaras?


University of Dayton
Dayton, OH


I also try to adapt tutorial to an airfoil case.
Did you manage to do it from the cylinder2D example? How did you import your airfoil? (stl format? boolean mask?)

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi there,

any news on this issue?

I am just about to do this but it is bad news if you also found it problematic…

Even if you did not finished this work I would apprechiate to have your modified codes, not to start from scatch.

Once I am finished I would also share it with you :slight_smile:



Hello everyone,

As far as I am concerned , there are some limitations in current version of Palabos.

  1. 2D version stl format is not supported, but you can use a boolean mask.

  2. Theres are no RANS turbulence models in Palabos, but you can run DNS or LES with static Smagorinsky model.

The Palabos is a flexible C++ framework of LBM. If you want to incorporate RANS model, you can write your own.