Create new dynamic

Hi all,
Does anybody can give me some advises or examples on how to create a new dynamic class in Palabos.

I don’t have any examples to show…

Anyway, you should create your dynamic class “MyClass.h” and “MyClass.hh” and inherit one of the existing class which are important in your case “IsoThermal…” for example. Then you will rewrite the methods collide(), clone() and computeEquilibrium().

You will find the complete explanation in “Non-intrusive program development with Palabos”. I have never done it but it shouldn’t be difficult. Which dynamic you need to implement?

Thanks for interest.
I will have a look to the part you mentioned.
I would like to implement a sedimentary like dynamic, by applying erosion, deposition processes. That’s why I think defining a new dynamic is the best way than trying to use a data-processor.