Create geometry error for 2 phase


I was trying to run two-phase flow using my geometry. I have a set of image slices hence I tried to create the geometry using create_geom_4_2phase_more_file_types.m. I was trying to run it using octave and I get the following error:

octave:1> run(“create_geom_4_2phase_more_file_types.m”);
files(1): out of bound 0
error: called from
read_img_slices at line 7 column 8
create_geom_4_2phase_more_file_types at line 27 column 8
run at line 86 column 5
octave:1> exit

I also tried createDAT.m and I get this error:

octave:3> createDAT(360,‘subdomain_456_400_361’,‘example_15nm_voxel_affine_cropped_456_400_361****.tif’,‘cop-456_400_361.dat’)
error: imread: unable to find file ‘subdomain_456_400_361/example_15nm_voxel_affine_cropped_456_400_361****.tif0001’
error: called from
imageIO at line 73 column 5
imread at line 106 column 33
createDAT at line 16 column 3

Could someone please help? Thanks!