Coupling Palabos to third party structural solvers


I intend to use the Palabos solver for biofluid mechanics involving flexible channels. I was wondering whether it is possible to construct a two-way flow-structure interaction (FSI) between the Palabos LB solver and a third party finite element library like CalculiX, Deal.II, OOMPH-FEM, LibMesh etc. that has structural mechanics capabilities.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Palabos team,

I was wondering the same thing too. I am thinking of applying the LBM concept on FSI problems.
But this would require another software for the current fluid (LBM) to interact with the structure (Finite element).

Can anyone advice on the possibility of full 2 way fluid-structure interaction problems?

Your help is much appreciated.


I was able to locate an open source coupling tool called EMPIRE that has the capability to couple finite volume CFD solvers (for N-S equations, eg. OpenFOAM) to a third party structural mechanics solver (for 2 way FSI). I can try contacting the developers as regards employing this tool for the Palabos solver.


Hi Danny and Palabos team,

Have you contacted EMPIRE to combine (e.g. OpenFoam) to Palabos for fluid-structure interaction simulation?
It would be very helpful if anyone can advice on this matter too.

Thanks in advance.

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