Compute pressure using free surface single phase

Hi all,

my pressure output was order 1.6e8,very large compare the experimental data which was order 1e3. I have tried to find out how to calcute accurately, but still can’t found. The following is how i measure the pressure

i am using the singlephase free surface module.

 Box3D box_x(0, nx-1, 0, ny - 1, 0, nz - 1);
 VtkImageOutput3D<T> vtkOut3(createFileName("Pressure", iT, 6), delta_x);
std::auto_ptr<MultiScalarField3D<T> > rhox = computeDensity(lattice, box_x);
vtkOut3.writeData<float>(*rhox, "p", rho * (delta_x * delta_x) / (delta_t * delta_t));

i hope the palabos communities researchers can give some suggestion.