Compressible Finite Difference LBM Boundary Conditions

Hi all,

I am currently implementing a compressible flow finite difference lattice Boltzmann method based on the following paper:

“Three-dimensional non-free-parameter lattice-Boltzmann model and its application to inviscid compressible flows”
Physics Letters A Volume 373, Issue 25, 1 June 2009, Pages 2101-2108

I have succesfully implemented the 1D method and tested it using the Sod shock tube case. I am now looking to move on to 2D and 3D problems but I am unsure as to how the boundary conditions are to be treated, particularly solid boundary conditions.

I am wondering if anyone here on this forum has any articles, or helpful material, that they could point me to?

Please note that this is for a finite-difference model with two distribution functions.

Thanks in advance.