Compiling error at ASCIIserializerIO.cpp


I am new to this software and have just attempted to build the recent release version 2.0r0 on my CentOS workstation. However I encounter the following error while making under palabos-v2.0r0/jlabos/src directory:

precompiled/intOrFloat/double/ASCIIserializerIO.cpp:37:6: error: template-id ‘serializerToAsciiStream’ for ‘void plb::serializerToAsciiStream(const plb::DataSerializer*, std::ostream*, plb::plint)’ does not match any template declaration
void serializerToAsciiStream<PRECOMP_T>(DataSerializer const* serializer, std::ostream* ostr, plint numDigits);
precompiled/intOrFloat/double/ASCIIserializerIO.cpp:40:6: error: template-id ‘asciiStreamToUnSerializer’ for ‘void plb::asciiStreamToUnSerializer(std::istream*, plb::DataUnSerializer*)’ does not match any template declaration
void asciiStreamToUnSerializer<PRECOMP_T>(std::istream* istr, DataUnSerializer* unSerializer);
scons: *** [precompiled/intOrFloat/double/ASCIIserializerIO.os] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.
make: *** [compilation] Error 2

Could anyone provide a suggestion to solve this? Thanks!