Bug in TINYXML_xmlIO.cpp in v0.7.2 ?


when using the tinyxml class in version 0.7.2, I get the following linker error message:

g++ -o mypoiseuille3d.exe mypoiseuille3d.o D:\palabos-v0.7r2\lib\libplb.a
D:\palabos-v0.7r2\lib\libplb.a(TINYXML_xmlIO.o):D:/palabos-v0.7r2/src/libraryInterfaces/TINYXML_xmlIO.cpp:210: multiple definition of `void plb::XMLreader::readstd::string(std::string&) const’
scons: building terminated because of errors.
mypoiseuille3d.o:D:/_palabos070Dev/palabos-v0.7r2/src/libraryInterfaces/TINYXML_xmlIO.hh:37: first defined here

However, I could get my code running by deleting the following section in TINYXML_xmlIO.cpp:
template <>
void XMLreader::read(std::string& entry) const {
entry = text;

Is this a bug?