Boundary condition definition

Hello Everybody,

I am very much new to palabos and lattice boltzman (but not CFD as such). So please excuse my ignorance. I have performed few show cases supplied by palabos. My objective is to finally do a CFD for my geometry (available as STL).

My doubt is regarding the set up of boundary conditions. I couldnt find the way to define the required surfaces as walls or supply the velocity at velocity inlets etc…Basically how should i refer a surface and what are the prerequisites in the STL required for referring various surfaces individually.
I read the param.xml where by sorting based on a direction inlet and outlet is prescribed. In my case there are n nozzles present in a particular flat plane. i need to define all of them as inlet.

I would be extremely thankful if anyone can direct me with a lead on this. Please let me know if you need more information about my project.

Kind regards,