Blood Flow

I am a beginner. I want to work on blood flow simulations using LBM. So from where should I start? And which model of LBM is good for blood flow simulation? Is there any review paper which lists pros and cones of different LBM models?

Dear asinghk,

I think

Pontrelli, G.; Halliday, I.; Melchionna, S.; Spencer, T. J.; Succi, S.: The Lattice Boltzmann Method and Multiscale Hemodynamics: Revent Advances and Perspectives. IFAC Proceedings Volumes 45 (2), 30-39 (2012).

might be a good starting point. There is also a section about blood flow in the review

Aidun, C. K.; Clausen, J. R.: Lattice Boltzmann Method for Complex Flows. Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech 42, 439-472 (2010).