Announcement: Palabos 2012 Challenge

Dear Community,

I would like to announce the launch of the Palabos 2012 Challenge. This contest offers rewards for lattice Boltzmann simulations that are achieved with the open-source Palabos library and that solve a problem in a specific applied field. The best submissions get a 1’000 Euro reward (1st prize), one of FlowKit’s support formulas for Palabos (2nd and 3rd prize), or a useful office gadget (4th prize). Details about the contest can be obtained at the web address .

All contributions will be published after the contest and will be available to the community under the terms of an open-source license. We hope that this contest will help create awareness of lesser-known application fields of the lattice Boltzmann method, and encourage collaboration and code exchange in the community.

We hope we can count you among the competitors, and keep our fingers crossed!

All the best,

Jonas Lätt