about the code of susp3d

It’s a Lattice-Boltzmann simulation code for particle-fluid suspensions .who can tell me how to get it?
At the tony ladd’s homepage(http://ladd.che.ufl.edu/) ,I can’t find the place to download the code or something which is helpful.
I hope this program also can help others.

I have found the code.Thanks all right

where did you find it?

Dear aass277, could you share it ,pls?

I can give you a copy.

excuse me my problem was solved

Dear aass277,

I search for susp3d code at the tony ladd’s homepage many times.
but …
could you please give me a copy.
thank you very much

Dear aass277,
could you also give me one copy? thanks in advance.

Dear aass277 :
I have searched for the code for many times, but still can’t find it.
Could you give me a copy?
Thank you.


Dear aass277, could you give me a copy?
It will be a great help!
My Email: gwtw1276@gmail.com

Dear all
you can receive a copy of code. you should contact Professor Ladd.

I cannot download the sofware.
Would you please sendmea copy.
my email: rezatabatabaey@yahoo.com


Mirahmadi Wrote:

Dear all
you can receive a copy of code. you should contact
Professor Ladd.

please send it for me .


Dear aass277.
Can you all send me by email-tywoyangda@126.com. I have been studied the fluid-solid interaction, and wrting codes about thme with c++, but gaining good simulating results. can you all give m a copy? I wanted study its features about codes. Thank you very much.


Could you give me a copy of the code?
My e-mail: vioquedu@gmail.com

Thank you.

Hey everyone,

it would be nice if someone can also send me the code.

Thank you!

Hey everybody,

can I also have the code?

Thank you very much!

Hi, can I have the code too? you can send it to pradipto711@gmail.com. Thank you very much!