About force using different dynamics

Hi, everyone.
I tested 3D grid refinement with immersed boundary and two different dynamics recently. The two dynamics defined as below:

    Dynamics<T,DESCRIPTOR> *dynamics = new ConsistentSmagorinskyCompleteRegularizedBGKdynamics<T,DESCRIPTOR>(param.omega[0], param.cSmago);

    Dynamics<T,DESCRIPTOR> *dynamics = new ConsistentSmagorinskyBGKdynamics<T,DESCRIPTOR>(param.omega[0], param.cSmago);

The results of the two are obviously different. The force with ‘CompleteRegularized’ one is twice as big as the other one. The only difference in my code is the definition of dynamics shown above.

I wonder why it’s exactly twice as much, rather than a similar result.



The complete regularized version is much more dissipative. This could be the reason.

Hello Orestis,
Thanks for your reply. I want to know if it could be a coefficient or something, because I’ve tried several different cases, and the results of the forces are exactly twice the same. Does dissipation lead to such a precise difference?

That’s strange indeed!
Could you share your code?

I send the code to you by message.