About body force

I want to simulate a droplet with a constant driving force moving inside a micro-channel is studied by using a lattice Boltzmann model and the Shan-Chen multiphase model.in the Shan-Chen model we can change velocity in the equilibrium distribution function in the form '=u+tao*Force/Mass to think about the force effect.
1, I have a problem that if I change the driving force when I enlarge the microchannel?
2, what do the driving force mean in the model?

Dear zhrleo,

  1. In terms you mean “the driving force” is just the way to implement the inclusion of Shan-Chen force to the model. If you want to have the droplet moving you need to impose either proper boundary conditions or the body force which is not necessarily should be added through Shan-Chen shifting velocity procedure.

Hopefully it will help,