About 3D block

Hello All,
The following are copied from Cheng Ming D2Q9 LBM FORTRAN code, to show a square obstacle in a channel, using Tecplot. I have tried to write a 3D block inaside a 3D channel but I cannot do it. If anybody has any idea, please share it, just like the follwing part, it will be very helpful for me.
) ‘2’
WRITE(11,*) ‘4’

  WRITE(11,*) x1,y1
  WRITE(11,*) x1,y2
  WRITE(11,*) x2,y2
  WRITE(11,*) x2,y1 

  WRITE(11,*) '2'
  WRITE(11,*) x1,y1 
  WRITE(11,*) x2,y1

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Hey Tanu,
Can you please share the whole code of cheng ming fortran please
thank you