3D Shan Chen model based MATLAB code available

Hi all,

I have developed 3D Shan Chen based MATLAB code out of pure interest and it seems to be working very nice on all the test cases I have tried. The mixture of oil-water flowing through pipe, dropping of a droplet onto the surface of other liquid, flow of water through porous rocks, breaking waves etc. are some of those cases that I have tried and it worked really best.

I am ready to share the code with you all if you have genuine interest in using LBM related to these applications. The code is shareable, reproducible without any copyright requirements. No citing is required as well. You can show them as your work too. If you wish to use the code, comment down or email me at ayushrai@iitk.ac.in.

Thank you


Hi Ayush, You rock! It’s a fabulous job that you develop the Matlab code from scratch.

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Hi, it’s a great job creating a code from scratch.

Hi @ayushrai,
I was trying to solve for velocity profile for poiseuille flow between 2 fixed parallel plates in the entrance/developing region by LBM. Could you please help me with that? If you have a code for the same, please share with me (chz208393@chemical.iitd.ac.in). It will be very helpful. I have attached an image of a similar problem(not exact though).

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Hi Ayush
It’s a good job.I am a graduate student and I am conducting research on two-phase flows in porous media.I really want to take a look at your code.
Thank you

Hi Ayushrai
You’re great. I am a graduate student. I am trying to simulate the oil-water two-component flow and contact angle phenomenon, but it has not been successful. I urgently want to take a look at your code.My email is zyqzyh2021@126.com.

Thank you

Hi Ayushrai

What a brilliant job! I am a graduate student and I am learning two-phase flow in LBM. May I take a look at your code? My email is chenzy0316@163.com.

Thank you