3-D poiseuille flow in circular cross section

Hi all,

I am new to palabos. I am learning LBM and trying some examples. I am trying to simulate 3-D Poiseuille flow in circular cross section with Velocity Parabolic Inlet and Pressure boundary at outlet. Please help me in this.

Thanks in advance.


I have done this - where exactly are you stuck?

My aim was to see how long it took Palabos to convert a block profile at the inlet into the correct Poiseuille profile. In the end, I tested this in two different ways:

  1. by setting up the lattice by defining fluid nodes
  2. by setting off-lattice boundary conditions for the pipe walls

Let me know which of the two you’re interested in (the second one gives nicer results).


Thanks for the Response. I was kinda busy with my exam. Lemme start my work and post the code where i struck. If possible, please email me at mdgowhar@iitgn.ac.in .