Zou He BC's in Palabos


I am newbie using the Palabos code. I am trying to implement the Zou-He (velocity-inlet and pressure-outlet) boundary conditions in a porous medium domain. I used as first attempt the code in the tutorials for permeability and modified it including the following lines:

void porousMediaSetup( MultiBlockLattice3D<T,DESCRIPTOR>& lattice,
		       OnLatticeBoundaryCondition3D<T,DESCRIPTOR>* boundaryCondition =
                       MultiScalarField3D<int>& geometry, T deltaP)

        Box3D inlet (0,0,      1,ny-2, 1,nz-2);	
	boundaryCondition->addVelocityBoundary0N(inlet, lattice);
	setBoundaryVelocity(lattice, inlet, Array<T,3>(1.0E-04,0.,0.) );

        Box3D outlet(nx-1,nx-1, 1,ny-2, 1,nz-2);
        boundaryCondition->addPressureBoundary0P(outlet, lattice);
        setBoundaryDensity(lattice, outlet, 1.);

but after compiling, there is an error I must say I am not an expert in C++ but in Fortran. I would like to know whether anybody knows what the problem is.