Wind simulation

Good day.

Im bachelor studen from Guadalajara, México. I study computing engineering. My thesis is a Simulation of the interaction between a wind flow and a box kite. I have read some paper about wind simulation and some of them use Lattice Boltzmann Methods. Im taking these 2 papers by better refernce for my work: : Blowing in the wind : Lattice-Based Flow Field Modeling (Fig 1)
Figure 1 (Lattice-Based Flow Field Modeling)

Any of them are using Palabos. I would love to use it. I have examined and tested Cavity3D, Cylinder2D and SmagorinskyModel. The last one is important because it gives the turbulence model to wind. I feel that i can understand the code but i dont know where i should begin. Here is where i need your valuable knowledge! I have searched people from México who works with Palabos but i havent founded anyone, so im practicallly alone in this work, neither my director thesis nor any other researcher from Guadalajara knows about it.

I would like to do something similar to Cylinder2D, in first place. A 3D incomprehensible flow with a Smagorinsky turbulence model first, then try to build a solid body that interact with wind. Just like in figure 2 (is it posible, visualize the simulation in that way in Palabos???)
Figure 2 (Blowing in the wind)

Its important to say that the Kite will be a solid body, it won’t be flexible. So the last is to modify the body to give it the box kite form and adjust the parameters of Wind velocity, Reynolds number and others…

Do you think that Palabos is a good tool for this work?

What do you think about it? Any comment, suggestion will be really appreciated!

I know that it could be hard to implement but have done a long research in kites, physical wind models and KAP, and i would like to do this simulation, any help will works!

Thanks a lot for read!!

Cheers from Guadalajara!


I wont try it.