We need Programmer using LBM by MATLAB for $500 per month

[size=large]I’m new member in this website. I’ll be very happy to invite anyone who is the professional user in Matlab and LBM to do some problem using LBM. If anyone is interesting accepting this offer, I will pay for him/her $500 per month.[/size]


[b]Hey All,

I would like to thank all of you sent me an e-mail and I’m so sorry for replying late. But I have sent the replying PM for all of they interesting to accept this offer.[/b]


For those who is still interesting for accepting this offer. The job is still available . You may send me an PM.


We have decided to increase the payment of this job to be $1000 per month. I’ll be very happy to receive your PM to give you more details about this offering job.


Dear sir,
I worked on LBM as my M.Sc. thesis in field of Thermal modeling with LBM. Also i worked on some non-newtonian model.
could you inform me about the detail of this job and which field of LBM modeling you consider.
best regard,
Hamed Kameli

Hello there,

Is your offer still on the table? If so, I am interested. Please update!