using xflow

Dear all
I am working in LBM with C++ language but I cannot compile any example of xflow that I have downloaded it in the site. Please tell to me how can I compile any example of is very important to me and I am grateful if you tell to me. Please say in detail


It is a bit difficult to tell you what’s wrong with so few details…

What is your operating system? How did you try to compile?


I have used from windows XP SP2 and also I install Microsoft visual studio 2008 and 2000 and baroland C++ .so after I installed and extra Xflow in my desktop then I went to one folder for example …Xflow\example\tutorial\totorial_1\ tutorial_1_7.cpp and I wanted to compile it but I couldnot and the compiler get error, I tried all Microsoft visual studio 2008 and 2000 and baroland C++ software but I couldnot. If you have more detail to tell me how I can compile it, just say.
Best regard

The answer you received on the LB forum remains valid: You can’t compile xFlows (version 0.6) with Visual Studio; but a way to compile under Windows is described in the installation section of the user’s guide.