using of c++ code

Dear all
I install Microsoft visual studio 2008 but I haven’t any experience with it and I cannot compile even a simple code .I download sylender.cpp in then click double on it but I don’t know how to run. It is very important to me because I have to start with Microsoft visual studio.please tell to me how can I compile it.
Another question isthat I try this code with Microsoft visual studio 6 but it makes a error related to “#include “olb2D.h”” I think it related to compiler because I cannot download compiler. Even though I install Microsoft visual studio in my PC, I have to download the compiler?, if yes, please give to me a link download code sylender.cpp compiler.
Best regard

Hi ehsan1491
I think that you miss the xFlows(or openLB) library files.
You have to download and install the library in Microsoft visual studio if you want to compile a code that use it.
For my part, I don’t know how to install this library.

Neither xFlows nor OpenLB can be compiled with Visual Studio (one day we’ll hopefully find out why). Check the user’s guide for instructions on how to compile xFlows under Windows.