to continue running of a case stopped!


Does anybody know is it possible to continue running of a test case after it has been stopped because of a reason, like power off the computer etc.?
I’d like to simulate a massive parallel test case and now I’m thinking about if the run was stopped because of such reasons, I be capable to continue running from the last iteration.
Hope it be possible?
If anybody did that in Palabos or has any idea to do that, I’ll appreciate to give me a hand.


Yes, this is possible. You can save the check points with the function “saveBinaryBlock”… In this case you save the status of the lattice at one particular iteration…

The function “loadBinaryBlock” will load the lattice from the previously saved lattice.

Have a look to the palabos documentation in the section “Input/Output”:

Good luck!


I really didn’t expect it be such easy to implement.
thank you sir.