Three fields in BoxProcessingFunctional3D and get boundary type of a cell

I’m using data processors in Palabos for post-processing, such as BoxProcessingFunctional3D_XX.
But it seems that all BoxProcessingFunctional3D functions can only combine two fields, such as LT, TT.
Is there any method that can combine three or more fields in the BoxProcessingFunctional3D? Something like BoxProcessingFunctional3D_LTT or similar things?

Another problem is that how can I get the boundary type of a cell, like through their name or specific ID?
Something like
if (cell.getDynamics().Name==“Bounceback”) {…}

Best wishes,

if your boundary is not defined though dynamics then you have to use a “mask” where you manually define the type of cell.

For more than two fields it is totally possible. You have to use the generic processors. For example ConvertNTensorToScalarFunctional3D is using them.