Three-dimensional lattice Boltzmann programe code

Dear friends,

I am looking for a simple three-dimensional lattice Boltzmann programe code written in Fortran. Very much appreciated if anyone could provide me the programe for my initial 3D study.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Dear Noraz,
I recently completed one code for three dimensions problems using the Multiple relaxation time models for driven cavity flows using Fortran 77. Dear but i still find some instabilities in my code and i try to find the reason why it’s happend. If you wait for little time i must send to you the code and i hope it will be helpful for you.
Good luck my friend and bye for now.

thanks Shams

Hi Shams,
Please post your code in this forum, then it will be helpful for all LBM user.
Thank you very much

Hi Shams,
Could you please give me your code .My email is thans for your help!

Could you please give me your code .My email is Many thans for your help!

sorry,my email is
Thank you

Dear shams:
How do you do! I am programing MRT code, but I cannot begin whit it. I learn you had been studied MRT-LBE. I wish your help. Can you send me code ? My email: Thank a lot in an advance.