Thermal LBM(double population distribution function model)

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i am trying to carry out D’Orazio and A, Succi work (D’Orazio A, Succi S,Simulating two-dimensional thermal channel flows by means of a lattice Boltzmann method with new boundary conditions,FUTURE GENERATION COMPUTER SYSTEMS Volume: 20 Issue: 6 Pages: 935-944 Published: AUG 2004)
they have used double population model (using 2 distribution functions f & g). there are some terms in their paper like Zi ,and relations for thermal boundary conditions, that i do not know how to implement them numerically, and also the equation for internal energy distribution function g is coupled with f(velocity distribution function). i have studied several MATLAB codes in bud i still have some problems that i explained above.
Could you please give me a suggestion? It would be high appreciated if send me any thermal code.(double population distribution function model, f &g)

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Hello, have you solved it ?