The interaction between two fluid in Multi-Component 2d


I recently started using LBM to simulate the two-fluid flow interaction. Because I am a neophyte, in the beginning I am trying to learn the multiComponent2d open source code. In the multiComponent2d case, I meet two problems. First, I think the following sentence is used to invoke the interaction between two-component(Am I right?), but I can not find the details of ForcedShanChenCouplingGenerator2D<T,DESCRIPTOR> coupling(0,nx-1,1,ny-2,G). Second, I can not clearly understand what the meaning of parameter G is and how to work.

    vector<SpatiallyExtendedObject2D* > partnerForOne;
    ForcedShanChenCouplingGenerator2D<T,DESCRIPTOR> coupling(0,nx-1,1,ny-2,G);
    latticeOne.addLatticeCoupling(coupling, partnerForOne);

Thanks for your help in advance.

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in order to better understand the meaning of the parameter G I recommend you to read the book by Sukop.

The class ForcedShanChenCouplingGenerator2D can be found in the multiPhysics directory. If you are using linux you go in the OpenLB root directory and do a

grep -r ForcedShanChenCouplingGenerator2D ./*

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[size=medium]Hi Orestis,

Thanks for your reply. I have read that book you recommended and get the parameter G. Thanks again.

But I still did not find the ForcedShanChenCouplingGenerator2D in the multiPhysics directory in olb-0.5r0, although I have find the ForcedShanchenCoulplingPostProcessor2D already. You know, there are five files in olb-0.5r0, they are boudaryConditions, complexDynamics, complexGrids, core and io. The multiPhysics direction you mentioned whether the one in the file core? Could you help me to check the direction to find ForcedShanChenCouplingGenerator2D again? Thank you.

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Sorry I did a mistake in my last post.

The class is in the directory src/complexDynamics/forcedShanShenPostProcessorXD.h.

[size=medium]Thank you for your help! I got that.[/size]