temperature BCs on imported geometry

Hello everone,
I’ve just begun using the palabos software and haven’t quite gotten comfortable with the syntax. I’m hoping someone here could help me while i start out.

I’m working on a problem that is similar to the tutorial/permeabiliy example. I created some new slices that represent my porous flow and was able to do a complete momentum LB. I’m now trying to do a thermal LB where the solids in my cross section have a temperature boundary condition.

I would like to do something similar to this line, from the permeability example:

defineDynamics(lattice, geometry, new BounceBack<T,DESCRIPTOR>(), 1);

except it would look something like

defineDensity(lattice, geometry, new Dirichlet<T, ADESCRIPTOR>(), 1);

In other words, it would assign the Dirichlet condition to every voxel that has the value 1. That is kind of just pseduo code because I have no idea what format that should be, but it seems like it should exist. I tried pokign around all the commends in the palabos wiki but haven’t figured it out yet.

Can anyone provide some palabos coding wisdom to me?