I’d like to simulate Taylor-Couette fllow - flow between two concentric cylinders
where /in my case/ the inner one rotates around its axis.

I just don’t know what kind of BC would be the most appropriate for the rotating cylinder.

I currently need it basically just for particle tracking.
In future I’d like to evaluate shear stress too.

Any hints on rotating cylinder BC implementation are most appreciated.

thank you


I’ve already partially succeeded, with very low radial velocity of the inner cylinder,
the Couette flow can be recovered quite well, but the system looses density perpetually.

Both inner and outer cylinder boundary conditions are based on the interpolation scheme
from this paper:

I’ve tripple checked everything once and again and it seems to me that this must
be a natural flaw of the interpolation scheme?

Any hints appreciated.

thank You



I have also understood that interpolated bounce-back does not guarantee mass conservation. Have you benchmarked your code by simulating some standard examplex?