Surface Energy Based Multicomponent

Hi All,

I’m seeking some articles which discuss multicomponent LBM models, specifically I am seeking to model microfluidic devices with multiple components. It is very important that surface tension is represented correctly for the various components and walls, if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

I have previously worked with the Shan-Chen model as well as the colour based model using Tim Reis’s approach.


That sounds like a difficult problem to do (or to do well, anyway) with lattice Boltzmann. I’d stay away from Shan-Chen models as they probably won’t give you accurate surface tension predictions. Colour gradient models will allow you to more-or-less set the surface tension but aren’t reliable when you have non-unit density ratios. If you want to look at other approaches, have a read of Taehun Lee’s work (based on free energies) or perhaps even coupling an LB for fluid flow with a level set method or front tracking method. Do you then have to worry about Knudsen effects and/or slip boundaries?