[solved] How to find out the dynamics of a cell?


I want to set the lattice density (rho) at every cell in the lattice which isn’t a bounce back node.

I currently use a OneCellIndexedFunctional to set the rho of the cells.

So what I need to know is: How can I get the type of dynamics from the Cell?

Can you help me there? — I hope I didn’t overlook something simple - I tried to find the answer in 1 but didn’t see how I can get the type of dynamics from the dynamics pointer.

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PS: I try to do diffusion in a flow inside an irregular tube imported from an STL file and the borders of the STL file have massive velocities, so I assume that I have fluid with velocity ‘stuck’ in bounce back nodes.

Sorry - I’m blind. I had it in my code all that time:

/** Check if a given cell of the lattice is NOT a bounce back node. */

bool isNotBounceBack(Cell<T,DESCRIPTOR> const& cell)
    return !( typeid(cell.getDynamics()) == typeid(BounceBack<T,DESCRIPTOR> const&) );

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