Sliding interface

Hi communities,

I’m try to do a sliding mesh simulation for rotor. I’ve read some papers and try a lot of times.

I haven’t find the way as volumetric boundary as chen(1998) or zhang(2011). So I try the method presented by Ehsan(2020).

Whether there is kind of interpolation that can use for data transfer at interface of rotate and static field? (Method to recover f(i) )

Wait for your reply,

Hi lchn1,

I’m not sure to understand what is your problem. Do you want to interpolate off lattice fluid fields values at solid/mesh points? Or are you talking about boundary condition? Can you put the link to the references you mentioned?



Hi mars,
Very thank you for your reply, and for the last reply.

Yeah, what I do is separate the domain to two lattice. And I need to reconstruct the f_i at the interface surface. Now, I already get a large step in it. But what I would like to know is is there already have compact quadratic interpolation in PALABOS? Or I need to do it myself.


Hi Ich,

regarding the interpolation, you can read this It seems there is a tri-linear interpolation implemented. I’m sorry but have still not clear what you need exactly. Do you need a 1d interpolation or 3d like the tri-linear?
Could you please put a link to a reference of the method you are trying to implement?


What I need is kind of second order interpolation for velocity and density. I can send the paper to your email?