Simulation with changing geometry add, delete voxels

Hello guys,

I’m trying to simulate a 3D geomtry, as a template I have Chosen the “aneurysm” example.

When this simulation is finished I would like to change the geometry.
Since this must be later on an automated process, I would like to put/delete voxels of the fluid Domain.

For easier understanding I will write a program structure:

  1. Read STL-File.
  2. Simulate as it is done in the aneurysm example.
  3. Add, delete voxels of the fluid Domain.
  4. Use the result of the previous simulation (2.) so that the solution converges much faster.

Is that possible?

Thanks for the help in advance.



DEFscaledMesh* defMesh =
new DEFscaledMesh(*triangleSet, resolution, referenceDirection, margin, extraLayer); // Creation of the mesh out of the stl
TriangleBoundary3D boundary(*defMesh);
delete defMesh;
const int flowType = voxelFlag::inside;

The *triangleSet inculdes the stl-file.

Is it possible to add and delete a Block3D?


Noone has an idea regarding this question :frowning: