Simulation of Cavity Flow by the Lattice Boltzmann Method


I try to make a simulation of Cavity Flow by the Lattice Boltzmann Method
I have a problem to read my results.

I wrote the programm with Reynolds = (0,02 ; 0,24 ; 2,4 ; 24 ; 241 )
T Re =(T) 24.;
T lx =(T) 7.0; // 0,14mm
T ly =(T) 1.0; // 0,02mm
int N = 100;
T uLattice =(T) 0.02;

Geometry =


i wrote the chamfer with Bounceback

I saved the results in saveAsciiData with:

double pressure;
pressure= lattice.getDataAnalysis().getPressure().get(lx,ly);


i should have a result like:

pressure = 0.0315 [Pascal] to Re=0.02 (top corner of the geometry)
pressure = 4,16E4 [Pascal] to Re = 24. (top corner of the geometry

but in the lattice.getDataAnalysis().getPressure()

The valors is not more than 1 !!!

Are these results in Dimensionless or Lattice units?

Im Begginer, and i didnt find a good paper about my question.

I appreciate if someone can help me.