Shan and Chen MCMP Density difference dissipation


I have written a 2D MCMP LBM code and have done some validation studies comparing to analytical solution for a 2D layered channel flow. The results are acceptable except when different densities for the two phases are slected the equilibrium results end to a new density which is the same for the twophases!
Have any of you faced such a problem ever?

Hi Shahram,

It might be a bit late replying to your post, but I am having the same problem with the SC model. I could manage to get different densities when I set an intial density ratio of 2.0 and assume the heavier fluid to be nonideal with G11=-5.0.
I have tried this for a stationary bubble and a final density ratio of around 10.0 is attainable.
Yet the problem with this setting is that the fluid inside the bubble is not pure and contains a precentage of the heaviear one. also validation with the Young-Laplace law fails and the surface tension does not remain constant.

Have you come up with any solution for this since Februery?

Many thanks in advance,

Dear Shahram & Amin,
I also have the same problem. I start my SCMP simulation with tow different initial densities for two phases. but during the simulation, these densities change and they reach closely together!
can you please help how to solve this problem?

I use Shan-Chen Potential: psi=rho0(1-exp(-rho/rho0)), rho0=1 to20, G=-0.4 to 3

Amin, I could not apply yor method, when I increase G greater than 4, the soloution fails,

I would be grateful if anybody can help to solve my problem.


Hi Amir,

I have written code for SCMP and its working. I have used psi=1-exp(-rho) and seletct value og G<-4. It will work.