rotating elastic rod


I am new to this forum, i am trying to simulate a flexible rotating rod in very low reynolds number environment.

Can anybody help me in how to go about it?


have you heard of the immersed boundary method (IBM)? Maybe you should have a look at
C. S. Peskin. The Immersed Boundary Method. Acta Numerica (2002) 479-517
I am not completely sure what you want to do, but whenever you want to model flexible objects in a fluid, the LBM bounce-back boundary condition is not the optimum choice anymore. Beside the IBM, there are various related methods, e.g., immersed interface method etc.
Can you tell me in more detail what your plans are?


Hi Timm
Thanks for your reply.

I want to model a very thin (of 20 nm dia, 20microm length) flexible filament in water where very low reynolds number environment exists. The one end of the filament is rotated with the help of a tiny motor with very high speed (variable) . due to this i want to observe how the configuration of filament changes. For example, it may take a spiral/helical shape at high speed. I want to learn the interaction dynamics of such flexible fibre in water during the rotation.

Any help to proceed will be appreciated.

I really think you should start with the article I have proposed. You will find in section 9 (applications) that some people have studied similar problems.

Thanks again.
I am going through it.